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What we do

Coingener is an investment company incorporated in the united kingdom.The main business involves cryptocurrency mining and acurate automated trading, bringing stable and efficient revenue to our global customers.

About the Company

Coingener work in the field of financing promising developments on cryptocurrency market and with blockchain technology. According to experts, blockchain technologies currently have great opportunity. Lots of business ideas related to blockchain technologies become more successful and every day by day it bring high profits to their creators. We track and analyze most business ideas. It allows us to get high profits. our investor do not need to research independently in which project it is more profitable. So our investor can invest their capital and then receive an interest on the profit.


We invest in projects at an early stage, in particular, it can be business ideas, investing in startups at various stages of their development, ICO (Initial Coin Offering), IEO (Initial Exchange Offering).

  • Round the clock Crytocurrency mining
  • Automatated Cryto trading system with 24/7 trading signals from expert and marketmakers

Our Services

Expert Traders

We have a team of preffesional traders with several years of experience in the stock market.

Secured Investment

the Trading software provides you with a 100% guarantee of security on your investments with our triple encrypted layer security.

Stable profit

Our system is designed to yeild stable and sustainable daily and weekly profits on your investments you will receieve a high and stable income just by sitting in your home and earning everyday from Coingener.com

Licensed Company

We are a registered Asset management company duly licensed by financial regulatory authorities in the UK. We are based in the UK but invite clients from all over the world to be a part of this great income-yielding opportunity.

Data protection

Data security is everything in financial markets, that is why We offer complete DDOS protection. We care so much about the privacy of your financial data.

24/7 Support

We work round the clock, Our customer chat support is live 24/7 feel free to always chat with us and we can answer your questions approprietely.

Pricing Table

15% profit

  1. Investment range ($100-$499)
  2. Duration: 24hours
  3. Withdraw Type Instant
  4. Referral Commission $5
  5. Principal Back on Maturity
  6. Unlimited Support
top sale

30% profit

  1. Investment range ($500-$19,999)
  2. Duration: 48 hours
  3. Withdraw Type Instant
  4. Referral Commission $20
  5. Principal Back on Maturity
  6. Unlimited Support


  1. Investment range ($20,000-$100,000)
  2. Duration: 72 hours
  3. Withdraw Type Instant
  4. Referral Commission $50
  5. Principal Back on Maturity
  6. Unlimited Support

Nicolas Schmit


As a private investor, Coingener has become an essential tool in my investment strategy and asset allocation by offering me a unique platform to build a diversified portfolio of top quartile PE and VC funds which form the bedrock of my investment portfolio with a sizeable allocation.

Sara Wilsson


I was an early investor into Coingener’s fund offerings, having made commitments to its first PE funds. The Coingener team identified the investment teams which suited my investment goals best and through its relationships secured allocations to these sought-after managers.

Jena Karlis

Store Owner

Coingener offers us the unique possibility to cherry pick investments in superior PE funds via special purpose vehicles, thus transparent in reporting, costs, capital flow and duration. Beyond that, the qualified and personalised support from our Coingener liaison is first class.

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